The school has a population of 985 student’s i.e Boys 480 & Girls 505
Before the intervention of RI_USAID Kiwalazi Primary school was known to be
the poorest school in the area with 1 latrine having 3 functional stances
shared by both pupils and staff. A latrine with an incinerator built to the USHA
standard has been constructed with 5 stances and a provision for CWD thanks
to the RI_USAID programme.
The school had a bore hole on ground commissioned by the Busoga trust but
was not reliable since they could only pump water every after 2-3 hours and
only manage to fill 5 20litres jerrycans before it dried up
The water source was fully functional and in use. our main respondent on
ground Mr Nadiyope Fred the deputy head teacher & Caretaker informed us
that prior to the commissioning of the water source a committee was formed
an amount equivalent to 25,000 was collected by the community member’s
for maintenance and mechanical repairs which was collected only once after
the commissioning of the bore hole and in a few months the bore hole broke
and the money was used to repair it. The committee never collected money